2022 Pricing

2022 Income Tax Return Preparation – Price change notification

Dear Clients,

Due to increasing costs and inflation many of you will have price increases of 10%.
We currently use a standard billing system based on form charges. They are the same
form charges we use in our North Island office. We believe our standard pricing is below
that of most of our competitors.

Returns with more forms and schedules have higher charges; meaning our system will
generate invoices higher than these base line prices.

Base line prices
Individual returns start at $495
Corporate and partnership returns start at $895

Less often a client may have a large amount of documents to summarize, sort through,
reconcile as part of the process of preparing the tax return.

Summarize/Sort/Reconcile start at $695

For clients far below the standard pricing we do not plan to adjust the price all in the
current year and some clients will benefit from lower prices.

Some client prices are so low, they will see a larger price increase in the current year. If
you have been paying $300 – $500 for a corporate or partnership return you may see a
more significant price increase of generally $100 – $200. Similarly, if you have been
paying $150 – $350 for an individual return with a lot of schedules and forms you may
see a more significant price increase of generally $100 – $200.

We’d like to keep all our existing clients and we’ll work with you but please remember
the standard pricing is not about how much a client makes its about how much work is
involved in completing the return.

Thanks again for your business.